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We are so excited for the update and the addition of the BLOG. We plan to use this platform as a chance to feature more of our work, answer some common questions, and also get some insight from other vendors working to make weddings magical and memorable. We understand planning a wedding can be stressful and time consuming, but we also believe in taking time along the way to invest in your relationship and build the foundation for a strong marriage. We are passionate about supporting our brides in a personal way and really do love a fantastic party!

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A while back we were honored when the lovely Dana Todd  asked us to do a little write up for her blog.

In doing so we came up with questions that we advise all brides to ask a potential wedding planner. We thought it might be fun to take some time and answer those here from our perspective.


A few questions if you are considering hiring a planner:

1. How long have you been planning weddings and how many wedding have you coordinated? (This can vary a lot, but you want to see they are established.)

I have been coordinating weddings for 8 years now, it developed organically and all through referrals. We formally launched A Beautiful Gathering in the fall of 2013. It has been a wonderful time and we feel so blessed to have walked beside so many couples.

2. Do you have vendor recommendations not just positive bridal reviews? (Being well-liked and respected in the industry is one of the best ways to see who you are getting.)

We absolutely love our vendor teams. We think strong relationships with fellow vendors are crucial. We are an open book and can provide any client with a vendor from any field for a recommendation, from caterers, venues, to photographers, and bridal shops. Pro Tip: When you are out and about gather all the names you can, you can use this as you interview selections, if no other vendor has heard of them and they are not on any preferred lists, that would give me pause.

3. Have you ever had something go wrong at a wedding and how did you handle it? (Everyone should say YES! It is the response to how they handled it that is your real answer. If they say NO then they are not being honest, or they do not have enough experience).

Oh yes, sometimes big and sometimes small… We once had a venue close down unexpectedly 8 days prior to my clients wedding. Thankfully we were able to find another venue locally, and successfully moved the entire wedding and all of the details over.

4. Who will actually be present on the wedding day? (Some planners are independent and are always on site, and others work as team, both can be a great option depending on your needs and wedding details. Confirm you know exactly who you are hiring and the level of experience the person at the actual wedding will have.)

I am present at all weddings. We often bring in assistants and various staff to meet the needs, but I am always there. It is important to me to be with you from the beginning until the end, and why we have purposefully chosen to take on a limited number of weddings so that we can provide a high level of service.


 Thanks for stopping by!

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